If you are reading this WELCOME to my very first blog post!!

My name is Jane Younger. I’m a 62 year old wife, mom and nana who happens to be OBSESSED with fashion!! I worked in the women’s clothing industry for many years and owned my own store for 15 years, FLIRT! It was such a fun and exciting time in my life, I loved everything about it (especially the part about having new clothes every single day). I really miss that.

I also miss the interaction with customers and employees, a lot of them becoming lifelong friends. I closed my store after having my daughter, 26 years ago, but I have never lost my passion for all things fashion.

However, as I get older I’ve noticed it gets a little more difficult every year to find clothes that not only fit right but are still stylish, current and edgy! This blog is going to be devoted to just that!

Lets talk about my style for a sec. I love clothes that have clean simple lines, but with an edge. I live in black, but I’m not opposed to pops of color on occasion. I love to have fun with fashion, without getting too gimmicky. Some of my favorite lines? Vince, Rag and Bone, Current Elliot, J Brand (I live in jeans — can you tell from my blog title?), Free People, Alexander Wang and Helmut Lang.

Now I do have a confession to make… I was terrified to start this. Yes, scared to death. My daughter has been begging me for the past couple of years to start an Instagram and a blog. She herself is a very successful lifestyle blogger, say hi to Jordan aka The Balanced Blonde!!!

To say I was dragging my feet would be an understatement. I finally

had to take a moment and ask myself, “wtf is scaring you?”, and I answered back,

“everything.” What if I can’t do it? What if I can’t write anymore? What if I can’t learn all the computer stuff I need to learn? What if nobody wants to see or read what I have to say?”

I had to take a good hard look at myself, and my fears. The more I thought about

it the more I realized that what I was experiencing was probably very common among women in my age group, and dare I say, even women in general. Self doubt, insecurity, we all struggle with it on some level. How do we get over it?? We face it!!

I’m pushing myself to do that which scares me the most. I’m going to start this blog. I’m going to write. I’m going to learn how to navigate on social media. I’m going to post pictures of myself and other women rocking stylish, edgy, sophisticated, and elegant fashion.

I hope you will follow along, share with me your insecurities ,and your style questions and issues. It’ll be fun!! It will be scary, but it will be fun!!

Oh yeah, one more little fun fact, my husband, Byron, is my amazing photographer!


  • Greta Mehta

    I love the black one piece you are wearing with the appliqués on the shoulder! You wear it so well!

    • Jane Younger

      Awwwthank you Greta! There may or may not be a bit of editing involved!😘