JEANS JEANS JEANS JEANS JEANS JEANS JEANS JEANS JEANS JEANS JEANS, and oh yeah, some really cool jeans! The more styles the better. I have more jeans in my closet than anything else. Skinny jeans, boyfriend jeans, cropped jeans, flared jeans… Black jeans, grey jeans, white jeans, dark blue jeans, faded blue jeans…Destroyed jeans, ripped jeans, washed out jeans…High rise, medium rise, low rise…wait…not low rise. You get where I’m going with this, right?? Jeans are an essential part of our culture, and can be worn ALMOST anywhere these days depending on the wash. You might need to try on 10 pairs to find 1, but oh that 1 pair is so worth it! There is nothing like slipping on that just right pair.

I feels so strongly about jeans that I’m going to devote a whole category to them on my blog! Now of course we know that not every style is going to look good on every body. The good news is there are so many styles out there we are bound to hit on a style that is the most flattering for each of us. I have pretty much figured out that a skinny jean with a higher waist is probably the most flattering for my body. If I’m wearing a skinny jean, I’m not going to wear a fitted top though. I will pair them with a bigger, boxier look, or with a longer, looser top to balance them out. However, I have figured out a way to wear so many other variations by styling them in different ways. For instance, when I wear a boyfriend or baggier jeans, I will wear a fitted top, maybe tucked in with a belt.

You get yourself in a cool pair of jeans, a simple t-shirt or a turtleneck, throw on a black leather biker jacket, a blazer or even a long cardigan, a pair of boots or booties, maybe a statement necklace, girlfriend…you can go anywhere!!!