No matter what your age is, if you are reading this you have no doubt lived through many a trend. At 62, I’ve lived through stovepipe pants, bell bottoms, palazzo pants, knickers (yikes), skinny jeans and everything in between! Mini dresses, midi skirts and maxi’s! Oversized jackets with Dynasty shoulder pads to fitted cropped and even shrunken jackets! I’ve seen every popular color of the season from neutrals to neons make an appearance. And shoes!! Pointed toes, round toes, almond toes! WTF! As a fashion obsessed gal, there was a time I would not have dared break any of those rules!

Well…the times, they are a changin! I don’t just mean for me. For all of us! I’m so happy to see that those hard and fast rules for dressing have practically disappeared! Wearing white after Labor Day?? Absolutely!! Skinny jeans when loose is everywhere?? Yep!! Short dresses?? Long dresses?? Yes and yes!! Platforms or flatforms?? Either!! I’m loving that we can wear just about anything that we love and looks good on us!!

One of the benefits of getting older is really seeing what styles are flattering on us. I can pretty much tell while a garment is still on the hanger if it is going to look good or not. If a color is going to wash me out or not. Now, I’m not saying I will automatically rule it out. If I love it enough I may do it anyway and compensate somehow (throwing a jacket over it or adding a bit more blush).

The good news is, all those silly rules, and Do’s and Dont’s??? BYEGIRLBYE