So a couple of weekends ago my husband and I spent the weekend in San Francisco with our dear friends Cheri and Craig. It was Cheri’s birthday and what she wanted was a shopping spree in S.F.! She requested my help and I was oh so happy to oblige!! She hadn’t really bought very much in the last couple of years so her wardrobe needed a bit of a facelift (her wardrobe, DEFINITELY not her)!
We started at the Vince store on Geary Street because Vince is a great line for women that are say…over a certain age but still want to look stylish, current and edgy. I also like to start there because the store is run by my fabulous girlfriend, Emma Kung, who will always make sure you are getting the best pieces and will tell you like it is if said pieces don’t look good on you.
Cheri picked up a great pair of black trousers and a fabulous cold shoulder sweater. I may or may not have picked up an amazing leather coat. Even my husband got into the act with a pair of jeans and a flannel shirt! After that we were already starving and had lunch at Cafe Claude, a cozy french restaurant tucked into an alleyway on Claude Ln., where else?!
Fortified by some dirty martinis and wine, off we went to Neiman Marcus and Saks Fifth Ave where we spent several hours helping Cheri with clothes and shoes. And when I say several hours, I mean SEVERAL HOURS. What do you know, after that it was time for cocktails at Campton Place, where we had so much fun, we stayed for dinner!
The next morning we started out early and hit the famous Sears on Union Square for breakfast. We then hit Neiman’s Last Call, Nordstroms and Bloomingdales before collapsing in the bar at The Four Seasons Hotel for soup and drinks.
By then the men were ready for naps at our hotel, but Cheri and I persevered and finished up strong by revisiting Saks and Neimans. We met back up with the guys at Scala for cocktails and a delicious Italian dinner.
Funny side note — I talked to my daughter, Jordan, on the phone while Cheri and I were in the dressing room at Neimans. I told her that the men had gone back to “the hotel room” to rest, and she asked if the four of us were sharing a room? We laughed hysterically at the thought of Byron and Craig cuddled into double beds side by side. If you know my husband, you know we were definitely not sharing a room…! Lucky for everyone because he is the biggest neat freak there is, at home AND on vacation!

How gorgeous does Cheri look in her new outfit?!


The next morning it was breakfast at Cafe de la Presse on Grant. We thought we were all done shopping but there just happened to be a Lulu Lemon right across the street! No, no, no we weren’t shopping for Cheri anymore, but we did pick up a few Christmas presents!
All in all it was a very successful trip! Cheri ended up with some great additions to her wardrobe including, black trousers, black cropped pants, black boots, black booties, a couple of blouses and a few sweaters. Everything mixes in with some things she already has in her wardrobe. And that amazing leather coat I may or may not have bought? It somehow has found a way into my closet!
My stunning bestie!