So recently I spent the afternoon helping a girlfriend, Lynelle, pack for a trip to London. She just needed a little bit of help putting a few outfits together without going out and spending a lot of money. Another girlfriend, Cheri, (as in San Francisco Shopping For Cheri) and I went over in hopes of getting her packed quickly and then going out for Martinis! Well its true what they say…One Mans Junk Is Another Mans Treasure.

I think that”s what they say anyway. In this case, it was One Woman’s Old Dolce Jacket, Old Donna Karan Velvet Coat and Old Tuxedo Pant Is Another Woman’s Treasure!! Lynelle had purchased these items so many years ago that she had virtually forgotten about them, and was no longer even seeing them in her closet! She’s actually fortunate that Cheri and I didn’t roll them up and shove them in our purses, that’s how much we were lusting after them!

Once we pulled out those key pieces and dusted them off, the rest was easy! All we did was add a few basic items:

1. A pair of jeans, duh.

2. A pair of fitted black pants.

3. A white cotton blouse

4. A black turtleneck

5. A black cold shoulder sweater

6. A leopard print dress

7. Black strappy heels

8. Black casual booties

9. Black dressy booties

10. A black leather biker jacket because you always pack a black leather biker jacket!

It was very eye opening for me to observe Lynelle and her closet. It made me realize that we all tend to forget about what is in the dark recesses of our closet, especially when we have new things we are excited about. But some of those great older pieces mix in with our newer pieces in a current and fabulous way!!

I could hardly wait to go right home and see what was hiding in my closet that I may have forgotten about. And, sure as s_ _t I rediscovered a couple of great pieces of my own! And by go right home I mean we went out for martinis first!!

So now your homework is to go inside of your own closet, see what gems you may find, and comment below letting me know if you found any treasures! Spoilers: EVERYONE will find something!


  • Greta Mehta

    I love the black one piece you are wearing with the appliqués on the shoulder! You wear it so well!

    • Jane Younger

      Awwwthank you Greta! There may or may not be a bit of editing involved!😘