I get asked a lot if skinny jeans are still in style. ABSOLUTELY they are!! They may not be trending right now, but they certainly are still in style. I’d say they’ve turned into more of a classic. There’s a reason why so many fashion A-listers are still wearing skinnies. Hello Kendall Jenner! Hey Gigi Hadid! What up Chrissy Teigan?!

There are so many ways to wear skinnies! They can be worn casually, ripped with tennies. They can be dressed up with stilettos and a blazer. They can be paired with thigh high boots and a bomber. They can be dark, faded or white, ripped, destroyed or worn, hemmed, cuffed or frayed. Do I need to pull out every adjective in the book?

I really feel that with the new higher waist and super stretch fabrics, skinnies have become way more flattering and comfortable for so many of us. Their versatility in styling makes them not only a classic, but a necessity! And really, would I have named my blog Dirty Martinis and Skinny Jeans, if I didn’t think they were here to stay??


  • Lynelle Coates

    Love, love, love your blog posts!

    • Jane Younger

      Thank you so much Lynelle!! I really appreciate your support! Welcome to Disqus!!

  • Lisa Hyde

    Thank goodness!!! They’re too flattering and comfortable to give up! <3

    • Jane Younger

      I could not agree more Lisa! 😘🍸

  • Lisa Hyde

    So many things I like about this blog post – not sure where to begin! <3

    • Jane Younger

      Lisa! I’m so glad you liked it!! Excited for you to go there!!

  • AMAZINGGGGG. LET’S GO BACK. All the photos look beautiful with the layout of your site, wow.