Last week my husband and I went on a fabulous trip to Maui for our 32nd Anniversary. Crazy! I say crazy because how could 32 years have gone by already?? I’ve been with my husband longer than I have been without him! I look back over the years filled with happiness, grief, sorrow, excitement, and horror, and marvel at how far we’ve come.

Children, step-children, grandchildren, parents, in-laws, exes, family and friends all thrown into the mix. Not to mention occasional psychologists, psychiatrists and counsellors! (Keeping it real.) All in all, it’s been quite a roller coaster, with all of the accompanying highs and lows. I can honestly say however, that when I look at my husband today, I thank God that I had the good sense to marry him and stay with him. I wouldn’t change a thing and I love him more than ever!

Anyway, back to Maui! It was a trip filled with hiking, surfing, waterfalls and wild adventure. And by this I actually mean walking on beautiful beaches, lounging, eating and drinking. I may have dipped a toe into the ocean while walking though. And we might have hiked up the path for cocktails a couple of times. And there was the adventure in the Louis Vuitton store! 😉

We had some amazing meals at Sarento’s On The Beach in Kihei, Ferraro’s Bar e Ristorante at the Four Seasons, and Morimoto Maui at The Andaz! Fabulous cocktails at Tommy Bahamas, Longhis and The Grand Wailea Resort. We normally travel with family or friends, but this time it was just the two of us. Although we missed them all dearly, it was nice to just do whatever we wanted, whenever we wanted. #sorryjordan

So…even though we hated to leave, we didn’t feel too terribly bad… Four Seasons Bora Bora hear we come!! We are tagging along with our daughter, Jordan, aka The Balanced Blonde while she blogs about this incredible resort on the spectacular island of Bora Bora in just two weeks!! Stay tuned for more pics of our “wild adventures” in Tahiti!

And enjoy some outfit photos from Maui! When traveling, I keep it clean and simple. XO


  • Danielle

    OMG 32 years!? Congratulations you love birds! Loving all of your outfits as usual 🙂

    • Jane Younger

      Thank you Danielle!! I know!! Can you believe we’ve made it this long?! 😉