Yep!! It’s time to bring them out of the back of your closet! Or, if you are like me, they are still in the front. White jeans really are to be worn all year long now, but you will see  many new variations of them in the next few months. Not to mention some old staples too! However, nothing says Spring like a brand new pair of fresh white denim!

One of the most fun new styles is Sailor-Inspired Denim! And by new I mean an old style that has made a comeback (hello Chemin de Fer)!  This is a wide-leg jean or culotte with button details at the hip. They definitely have a nautical flair, but don’t think you can only pair them with striped T’s. Speaking of culottes, (we were speaking of culottes, weren’t we??) white denim culottes are THE summer pant! Depending on how you style them, they can be worn almost anywhere.  Another fun new item is the Updated Denim Jacket in white! Just as versatile as blue denim, with the freshness of Spring! In particular looking very cool in a safari style belted, or not, at the waist.

And of course let’s not forget that the Straight Leg, High Waist Skinny Leg, and the Flared Leg are still very much in style, not to mention The Boyfriend, Girlfriend, and the Distressed jean! I guess what I’m saying is one pair alone is not going to do it. OMG I just remembered the white denim skirt!

So if you are shopping online or at the mall, there are countless options! Check out brands like Frame, Levis, J Brand, Paige, Rag and Bone and Joes… Stores from The Gap to Nordstroms and Neiman’s…and Sites from Revolve to Shop Bop to Spring! There is white denim for everyone and every body! Hope my pics will give you a little inspiration to get shopping!


  • Lynelle Coates

    Love, love, love your blog posts!

    • Jane Younger

      Thank you so much Lynelle!! I really appreciate your support! Welcome to Disqus!!

  • Lisa Hyde

    Thank goodness!!! They’re too flattering and comfortable to give up! <3

    • Jane Younger

      I could not agree more Lisa! 😘🍸

  • Lisa Hyde

    So many things I like about this blog post – not sure where to begin! <3

    • Jane Younger

      Lisa! I’m so glad you liked it!! Excited for you to go there!!

  • AMAZINGGGGG. LET’S GO BACK. All the photos look beautiful with the layout of your site, wow.